Your transportation….cared for 

You never lose control of your reservation.  It’s in the palm of your hand.  Review, confirm or make changes.  Whatever changes you make are acknowledged from dispatch to driver – without ever exposing your phone number. If your driver needs to relay a message to you, such as heavy traffic or early arrival, our Passenger App has that capability.  Don’t worry; it’s hands free, so eyes are never off the road.  Your transportation, managed.

Tap and Go

movéo is your transportation technology partner. Our driver and passenger Apps offer certainty while maintaining flexibility.  Pre-arranged when you know the details.  On demand when things come up. 

Automation not alienation

Comfort. Safety. Reliability. Convenience. These words mean the world when you travel the world.  Of course you want everything at the click of a button, but you want to know that the lines of communication are open.  Sometimes you need to hear a human voice.  If at any point you want to talk, we’ve got a number and a real person at the other end of the line.  Old-fashioned and ultra-modern. It’s automation without alienation.