Special Occasions Limos


Something you planned; something you’ve been invited to; a celebration you want everyone to remember; a timeless event. You want every detail to go smoothly, no, perfect; are the flowers there? Are people getting where they’re supposed to go on time? Worry not. A special occasion is for you to enjoy and take mental pictures of. The least you need is to worry about traffic, comfort, or anything that pulls you away from your real focus.

Our drivers will pick you up wherever you are and drive you gracefully to the doorstep of your event. Our logistics and arrival times are calculated, so traffic won’t be a problem. Need a little encouragement before the event? Pour yourself a glass of scotch in the back of our stretch limo. Stretch your legs in the back of our luxury SUVs or simply appreciate the city through the back window of our Mercedes Sprinter.

Now enjoy your special day.