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movéo…..Your wish.  Our Command.    

movéo is a  ground transportation logistics company with a global network of top-shelf drivers.  You travel the world; we drive you through its streets.  Whether from the airport to a meeting, or down exotic avenues to one-of-a-kind shopping destinations, we get you there.  Book online and relax.  We take care of everything.  movéo, on time and in style. 

movéo…..We’re connected.

movéo is at the cutting edge of ground transportation technology.  Booking ground transportation is often accompanied with degrees of uncertainty.  We’ve changed all that.  movéo’s patent pending real-time dispatch management system allows flexibility but ensures certainty.  Our mobile apps gracefully intermediates between drivers, passengers, planners and dispatching.  Movéo connects and facilitates communication when you need it most.    

movéo…..For business.

The myriad moving pieces of corporate travel make the management of ground transportation particularly challenging.  Mission critical projects and key executive meetings permit no margin for error.  Timing is everything.  movéo’s real-time ride management platform gives corporate travel managers the tools to communicate and deal with all eventualities.  Manage worldwide travel from your office or phone. If you need to know where your boss or colleague is in their journey, you can pinpoint their precise location with a click.  Let us take the stress away and put you back in control. Welcome to transportation at the speed of now.   

movéo…..For pleasure. 

Wherever you find yourself in this world, let movéo handle your ground transportation.  That special occasion deserves a little extra.  Let us indulge you with a stretch limo for a birthday bash or a luxury sedan for a glamorous night out.  Our drivers will immediately put you at ease, ensuring a hassle-free journey.  Hop in…you’ve earned the upgrade.